WiredOnline2020 5-Day Challenge

The 5-Day Challenge is Closed

The 5-Day Challenge is Closed

Targeted Training, the SATco and upright postural control.

The Challenge is closed

but The Wired Collective is OPEN

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What's the 5-Day Challenge

The 5-day challenge is about integrating a clinical concept into your existing toolbox (ie the science behind the concept along with pertinent terminology and the relevant evidence base). 

Delivered as an idea-a-day that challenges your thinking and gets you to the end of the week feeling confident that you understand the concept and are excited about the possibilities.

Get a sneak-peek into how we do things in the Wired Collective - our premium membership where passionate therapists push the boundaries of what's possible for their kids - We're opening doors for new members on the 7th October and this is your opportunity to experience a little of our magic.

Why You Should Join?

Because it' the most fun you'll have integrating new knowledge 😃

What you get...

✔︎ Get up-to-date with cutting-edge clinical ideas

✔︎ Get the inside scoop on the evidence and the science to back it up

✔︎ Get the confidence to be innovative in the clinic and ignite your adventurous therapist spirit.

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